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Post China Tour

January 1987 - Midwest USA Since I returned from my nursing tour of China in June, things have been busy. My director of staff development asked me to do a presentation on my nursing tour to the entire hospital. The audiovisual department helped me make title slides and convert my best photos from 35 mm… Continue reading Post China Tour

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Nursing Tour of China – Part 3

To Xian, China - June 5, 1986 We're on the plane this morning from Nanjing to Xian in western China. There was a quick change of plans so we will not be seeing the Nanjing bridge. I thank the Lord because this will give me an extra day in Xian. I hope to see Mrs.… Continue reading Nursing Tour of China – Part 3

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Nursing Tour of China – Part 2

Shanghai & Nanjing, China - 1986 June 3 - Shanghai I was too tired to write last night and am weary again tonight, so I have a feeling this will be a short journal! Yesterday we went to our first hospital tour in Shanghai. We met in a large boardroom first where they told us… Continue reading Nursing Tour of China – Part 2

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Nursing Tour of China – Part I

May 31, 1986 - Midwest, USA to Shanghai, China I arose at 4:30 a.m. in the Midwest and caught a 7 a.m. flight to LaGuardia airport in New York City. I waited 2 hours for the free bus to take me to JFK, but it never came. Finally, I decided to split a cab with… Continue reading Nursing Tour of China – Part I

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“Real” Nursing Begins!

Junior in College of Nursing - Fall Quarter, 1975 What I thought would be my most difficult quarter academically with 18 hours of class, turned out to be one of my most enjoyable quarters. All my teachers were outstanding, and I especially enjoyed Nutrition and Pharmacology (learning about all the medications). I had clinical in… Continue reading “Real” Nursing Begins!