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A Chinese Atheist Receives Christ

Midwest USA - 1989 About two years ago, my friend and I were going door to door to share the gospel with my neighbors. One lady from China named Nancy invited us to come in. She was formerly a radiologist in China but had moved to the Midwest recently with her husband for his new… Continue reading A Chinese Atheist Receives Christ

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We Need More Nurses

January 1987 Since the nursing shortage continues to grow, the leadership of the large hospital where I work had a brainstorming session last fall. They decided Staff Development should design and teach a refresher course for nurses who have been out of hospital nursing for over five years. The goal is to give the interns… Continue reading We Need More Nurses

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Nursing Tour of China – Part 5

June 14, 1986 - Hong Kong We had a pleasant stay in hot steamy Hong Kong, and experienced reverse culture shock compared to China. Hong Kong is fast-paced with a British flavor. The 100-year treaty with Britain will expire in 1997, so many wealthy and professional people are leaving because they don't want to live… Continue reading Nursing Tour of China – Part 5

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Nursing Tour of China – Part 4

Beijing, Saturday, June 7, 1986 We arose at 5 a.m for our flight to Beijing. We rode along smoothly in the propeller plane until the roller-coaster type landing resulting in my severe motion sickness. Because of this combined with exhaustion, I skipped seeing the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, but I sent my camera along… Continue reading Nursing Tour of China – Part 4

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Nursing Tour of China – Part 3

To Xian, China - June 5, 1986 This morning we unexpectedly boarded a plane to fly from Nanjing to Xian in western China. This quick change of plans caused us to skip seeing the Nanjing bridge. We're all learning to go with the flow. But I thank the Lord because we will have an extra… Continue reading Nursing Tour of China – Part 3

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Nursing Tour of China – Part 2

Shanghai & Nanjing, China - 1986 June 3 - Shanghai I was too tired to write last night and am weary again tonight, so this will probably be a short journal. Yesterday we went to our first hospital tour in Shanghai. We met in a large boardroom where the nurse managers told us about the… Continue reading Nursing Tour of China – Part 2

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January 1986 As I sat at my desk in staff development preparing a class, suddenly I saw flashing lights through wavy jello with clear floaters. My ophthalmologist told me at my last eye exam that I am high risk for retinal detachment because my nearsightedness makes my retina paper-thin. I knew the flashing lights could… Continue reading Heartaches