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Patricia St John, RN

An Ordinary Woman's Extraordinary Faith A few weeks ago, I was looking over my books to see if I could find a good one to reread. I found an autobiography by Patricia St. John, RN. Patricia grew up in England and became a nurse during the London bombings of World War 2. She nearly dropped… Continue reading Patricia St John, RN

Nursing Staff Development


Using Games in Nursing Education - 1988 February 19, 1988 Dear Ms. Pamela: I am delighted to inform you that your excellent manuscript, "Using Games in Nursing Education," has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Nursing Staff Development. I can hardly believe they will publish our manuscript this year. Lynn, my coauthor, grinned… Continue reading Published

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We Need More Nurses

January 1987 The nursing shortage is increasing, so the leadership of the 1000 bed hospital where I work had a  session last fall to brainstorm a solution. They decided Staff Development should design and teach a refresher course for nurses who have been out of hospital nursing for over five years. The goal is to… Continue reading We Need More Nurses

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Post China Tour

January 1987 - Midwest USA Since I returned from my nursing tour of China in June, things have been busy. My director of staff development asked me to do a presentation on my nursing tour to the entire hospital. The audiovisual department helped me make title slides and convert my best photos from 35 mm… Continue reading Post China Tour

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New Friends from Asia

October, 1985 I am thanking God that I am feeling so much better physically since I switched to day shift last spring. I asked the Lord how I could reach more students at the University and decided to try putting a sign up for a Bible study on the bulletin board where the international graduate… Continue reading New Friends from Asia

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Research on Shift Work

November, 1984 - Night Shift After finishing my first rounds on the nurses in orientation, I paged the security guard so he could admit me to the library. I signed in on the clipboard and noticed there were several interns and residents also here, probably preparing for their next presentation. From a child, I have… Continue reading Research on Shift Work

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Tragedy in the Hospital Lab

January 2, 1984 It felt good to get some extra sleep on this Saturday morning as I turned my body around from night shift and was off duty last night. I nonchalantly opened the newspaper and gasped as I read the headlines! Two female employees at my hospital had been stabbed to death in the… Continue reading Tragedy in the Hospital Lab