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Post China Tour

January 1987 - Midwest USA Since I returned from my nursing tour of China in June, things have been busy. My director of staff development asked me to do a presentation on my nursing tour to the entire hospital. The audiovisual department helped me make title slides and convert my best photos from 35 mm… Continue reading Post China Tour

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Research on Shift Work

November, 1984 - Night Shift After finishing my first rounds on the nurses in orientation, I paged the security guard so he could admit me to the library. I signed in on the clipboard and noticed there were several interns and residents also here, probably preparing for their next presentation. From a child, I have… Continue reading Research on Shift Work

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Tragedy in the Hospital Lab

January 2, 1984 It felt good to get some extra sleep on this Saturday morning as I turned my body around from night shift and was off duty last night. I nonchalantly opened the newspaper and gasped as I read the headlines! Two female employees at my hospital had been stabbed to death in the… Continue reading Tragedy in the Hospital Lab

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Pam Builds a House!

June 3, 1983 - Midwest, USA Ever since I read Miss Clarkson's book (see previous post) about how much she enjoyed owning her own small lakeside cottage, I have been asking the Lord if I should buy a house and put down roots here. I have never met a single woman who bought a house,… Continue reading Pam Builds a House!

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New Position?

September 8, 1982 - Labor & Delivery Nurse I read a book this summer by Margaret Clarkson called, So, You're Single which was helpful. She is a 60 year old single Christian woman who reviewed phases of her life with her struggles and victories in her singleness. She authored the well known missionary hymn "So… Continue reading New Position?