Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatry

The Psychiatric Hospital

December 1998 - New England, USA I have now completed my first six months as a Nurse Practitioner in a 120-bed psychiatric hospital. I thank God for my boss, Dr. T., who is a Family Practice Physician and an excellent teacher. The hospital has an adult unit for acute psychiatric problems, a second adult unit… Continue reading The Psychiatric Hospital

graduate school, Holidays, Nurse Practitioner

Homework on Thanksgiving Day

October 1994 I have been enjoying my first semester in graduate school tremendously as I study Nursing Issues. It feels like my brain is coming out of mothballs, and the group discussions are very enlightening. Our professor is excellent and gives interesting lectures. I just went to the hospital library to do some literature searches… Continue reading Homework on Thanksgiving Day

Diabetes Nurse

Graduate Nurse Orientation

April, 1977 - Midwest, USA After one week of vacation visiting friends, I began orientation on the diabetes unit on day shift. The nurses have been very friendly and encouraging as they teach me about diabetes and how to care for the patients. This new hospital is a circular tower with 10 floors of 30… Continue reading Graduate Nurse Orientation

International Nursing

International Travel Tips – Part 3

Packing Hints "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God..." James 1:5 After my trip to Europe in 1978 with my three outfits as suggested by Arthur Frommer, I decided that was just a little too light to travel comfortably. I'm afraid I could not bear to look at those outfits after… Continue reading International Travel Tips – Part 3