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S-O-A-P Charting

March, 1978 - 11:30 p.m. I had just finished walking rounds with the night shift nurse, clocked out, and sat down beside the chart rack to begin my charting before I could go home. I usually was able to complete some of my assigned five patient charts during my shift, but it had been nonstop… Continue reading S-O-A-P Charting

Diabetes Nurse, General Nursing


April 1977 - Midwest, USA - Orientation I had just completed my class on handling emergencies including cardiac arrest when I heard the overhead page, "Code Blue, Tower 502, Code Blue, Tower 502, Code Blue, Tower 502!" I was standing at the nurse's station, so I grabbed the Code Cart and pushed it as fast… Continue reading CODE BLUE – TOWER 5!

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Come Aside and Rest A While

Summer - 1976 - Midwest USA I started out the summer working as a Nursing Assistant at Children's Hospital where I had my clinical assignment last summer. They floated me one day to the burn unit and the nurse asked me to watch her do the dressings on a 2-year-old so I could do them… Continue reading Come Aside and Rest A While