International Nursing

Civilian Nurse Abroad?

April 11, 1978 It seems hard to believe that it has been over one year since I graduated! I now officially have my one year of experience in the hospital as a medical-surgical nurse which most places require before you can specialize. The Lord continues to lay upon my heart a desire to reach the… Continue reading Civilian Nurse Abroad?

College of Nursing, Diabetes Nurse

State Nursing Boards- Zzzzz…..

July, 1977 - Midwest, USA It's hard to believe I graduated in March, over 3 months ago! I have learned so much working on evening shift with my diabetic patients. I'm feeling fairly comfortable now with my skills and organization.  The most difficult decision is if I should call the doctor at home, or if… Continue reading State Nursing Boards- Zzzzz…..