College of Nursing

School of Nursing Begins!

Autumn, 1974- College Sophomore

At last! I finally began studying in the School of Nursing with my 200 classmates. The lecture hall is huge where we had our nursing theory class (5 hours) and Growth & Development class (3 hours). My most difficult class by far was Physiology (5 hours). They split our class in half so one half started with 2 quarters of physiology and the other half started with 1 quarter of Anatomy. I wish I could have started with Anatomy. It’s difficult to figure out how our bodies work if I don’t even know where the body part is located that we are studying. I also continued with my violin lessons (1 hour) and started group Piano lessons (1 hour) for my electives. We went to the Nursing lab and started learning our skills such as how to take blood pressures, temperature, pulse, respirations, give bed baths, and make beds. Then we went to a nursing home for our clinical time and took care of our assigned two patients. It was like when I was a nursing assistant last summer, except it was daylight and the patients were awake!

School of Nursing!
School of Nursing!

This is a big football school. In fact they are ranked number 1 in the country! But since I don’t understand the game of football, I didn’t go to any games. Instead I went to the Health Sciences Library and read all my required readings that were on reserve. It’s difficult to access the articles in the evening when all the other students are reading them, because they only have a couple copies on reserve. This new library is right beside the University Hospital so all the medical disciplines use it. It is supposed to be one of the best Health libraries in the country. Because the books are so expensive, all the stacks are behind glass. When I check out a book, I give them my student ID, the employee enters the request in the computer, and then I wait while the huge mechanical arm gets it from the shelf and puts it on the conveyer belt. It’s really amazing to watch! I like visiting all the different libraries on campus to study. I think they have at least 10 different libraries which I have discovered so far.

Campus Aerial View: 1-School of Nursing, 2-Hospital, 3-Sophomore Dorm, 4-Bible Class, 5-Lake, 6-Main Library, 7-Freshman Dorm
Campus Aerial View: 1-School of Nursing, 2-Hospital, 3-Sophomore Dorm, 4-Bible Class, 5-Lake, 6-Main Library, 7-Freshman Dorm

It was a real blessing to continue to teach the women’s Bible class weekly in my dorm. This quarter we averaged 5 women attending who seemed so eager to hear God’s Word! The Lord also blessed me with a godly roommate who also attends the Bible class. We had such precious times of fellowship and prayer together. We also enjoyed sharing the gospel door to door with the other women in our dorm. Because my classes require so much more studying time than last year, I quit my job at the library and stopped teaching the children’s Bible clubs.

My Roommate in front of our Dormitory
My Roommate in front of our Dormitory

I have continued on with the home Bible study program and was so encouraged when I read the biography of Amy Carmichael, a missionary lady to India. She rescued orphans from the Hindu temples and started a large orphanage for them where she and her coworkers taught them the Word of God as they raised  and educated them. I also read a biography about Isobel Kuhn, missionary with China Inland Mission to the Lisu people in western China. What godly examples both these ladies were to me! Isobel Kuhn taught a women’s Bible class in Canada before she went to China and challenged them with Hebrews 6:1 “…let us go on unto perfection (maturity)” which I passed on to my women’s class!

Reflection – 2014

About 10 years after I graduated, a friend kindly taught me how to understand and enjoy watching football so I am an avid fan of my alma mater now! I regret all those games I missed while studying in the library which I could have attended as a student for a few dollars. During my college years, they won the national championship and their star player received the Heisman trophy.

My brother and brother-in-law are also alumni, so about ten years ago we and their spouses attended a game with 100,000 other fans on a gorgeous fall day and had excellent seats. Our team won, so it was worth it to fly in for the game. I thank the Lord for the times He also gives us to laugh and relax! Here in New England, there are not many women who are avid football fans, so I sometimes become a little homesick during football season. But it’s just a game, after all:)

“A time to weep, and a time to laugh.” Ecclesiastes 3:4

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